14 October 2009

The a/s/l Series - Union City

09 September 2009
Referencing The Great Gatsby, an end of summer party thrown by yours truly launched the series of the age/sex/location project.

The concept behind a/s/l was inspired by the digital social networking phenomenon. Originating in AOL instant messenger chat rooms, ICQ, and most recently, Friendster, MySpace, and the infamous Facebook, I decided to bring the social networking factor to one image.

Since sociologists have averaged the time people spend looking at a work of art is only two seconds, one shot represents your name, age, location and a number of other floating associations. This allows my subjects to represent themselves in one fleeting sitting, whether accurately or not.

It also reads as an easy alternative for those who don't have time to sit, make a profile, upload photos, and describe themselves in what could take days. It's all in the game of what you want people to know and not know.

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