30 December 2009

Birds of a feather...

...Post-Up together.

I'm usually hesitant to upload photos of my famjam, but couldn't resist after I convinced the clan to spend Christmas morning in front of a brand new backdrop.  Possibly next years family Holiday card?

22 December 2009

Holidrems 2008

Some were (un)lucky enough to receive the handcrafted holiday Post-Up edition in the mail last year.  Oh, what 2009 could bring.

09 December 2009

Vandam's One Year Anniversary - New York

For all of you who don't live in New York, Susanne Bartsch & Kenny Kenny throw a party every Sunday in SoHo called Vandam.  In many ways, the party is the latest to follow in the footsteps of legendary club nights like Squeezebox and Disco 2000 or even Taboo and Boombox in London, which also took place on Sunday nights.  And, admit it, bringing in the week with disco, chicsters, and an open bar (which has been reduced to about five minutes) gives you a hard-on too.

05 December 2009

Felix da Houseparty - Union City

It was exactly this time last year when the idea of "I Throw Party. I Take Photo. You Party. You Post-Up. Everybody Happy." originally developed.  Making friends finally come to us, we at Union City brought people from New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Toronto for 2008's "Felix da Houseparty." The title stemmed from, if you didn't already know, Chicago House DJ Felix da Housecat (who we met a week later and drunkenly told he was our party's namesake).  For the original "fauxtobooth," I MacGyver'd a portable coat rack, a fleece blanket, and a clip-on head with a photo-flood light bulb for lighting.  Oh, how much I've grown.

So here's to you, Felix.  Some fauxtos are a little blurry.  Most subjects are a little drunk.  And, Cielito has a lot more hair.