27 January 2010

Disco is Dead... in Toronto

Apparently, it’s 1979 all over again and the groove queen known as lady disco is dying up north.  The Post-Ups was in Toronto last weekend and, along with Paperless Mag, attended LOVEmusic v1.0 at The Sound Academy.  

The Martinez Brothers, underage sages of American house and techno, spun in one room and DFA's Pat Mahoney (LCD Soundsystem) and DJ Andy Butler (Hercules and Love Affair) spun lovely disco in another.  One was packed.  One was empty.  Guess which one I was in.  

It wasn’t until Switch (who not only helped define fidget house, but also coined the term) came on around 3am that the disco room finally started to fill.  Discophobic Torontonians can love their techno all they want, but when Mahoney and Butler team up the way they did, you get on that floor.  All I can say is this wouldn’t fly in En Why.

18 January 2010

It's the Rock in the building! - Philadelphia

Fellow hometown heroes and I have created an annual "Pollyanna Potluck" tradition.  It started as a gift exchange and gathering over the holidays when everyone headed home from college for winter break.  Former themes have included ugly sweaters, red and green, cocktail hour, and an all-black recession Christmas.  The blizzard of December '09 pushed our potluck into a January weekend which also led us out of the Christmas spirit and diminished our usual feast into a "minimal potluck" that consisted of pizza, Philly cheese-steaks, and homemade fried lumpia rolled by yours truly.  My point?  Well, this year's theme was dedicated to big man Norman Rockwell (1894-1978).  As seen above in Norm's 1943 Freedom from Want, he brought us illustrations and paintings of everyday "all-American" scenarios.  Inspired by the portrayals of family gatherings, food, and 1940's steeze, I dragged my friends on set in front of some intimidating lights and a 50mm lens.  The rest was just another potluck for the books.

Ingredients:  3 parts Drems Tem
                     2 parts Red Snakes
                     1 splash of bickering

On vinyl for the evening:  The Cranberries - "Ode to my Family"
                                          George Harrison - "If Not for You"
                                          Spin Doctors - "Two Princes"
                                          J-Kwon - "Tipsy"

Check us Behind the Scenes.

*Norman Rockwell "Freedom from Want," image courtesy of Google.

03 January 2010

Planet Zizmor presents Cosmic Revelation - New York

1 January 2010
Starting off 2010 with a photo pit and cosmic tunes, Planet Zizmor ignored the New Year's hangover at a new location at 200 Orchard in LES.