18 January 2010

It's the Rock in the building! - Philadelphia

Fellow hometown heroes and I have created an annual "Pollyanna Potluck" tradition.  It started as a gift exchange and gathering over the holidays when everyone headed home from college for winter break.  Former themes have included ugly sweaters, red and green, cocktail hour, and an all-black recession Christmas.  The blizzard of December '09 pushed our potluck into a January weekend which also led us out of the Christmas spirit and diminished our usual feast into a "minimal potluck" that consisted of pizza, Philly cheese-steaks, and homemade fried lumpia rolled by yours truly.  My point?  Well, this year's theme was dedicated to big man Norman Rockwell (1894-1978).  As seen above in Norm's 1943 Freedom from Want, he brought us illustrations and paintings of everyday "all-American" scenarios.  Inspired by the portrayals of family gatherings, food, and 1940's steeze, I dragged my friends on set in front of some intimidating lights and a 50mm lens.  The rest was just another potluck for the books.

Ingredients:  3 parts Drems Tem
                     2 parts Red Snakes
                     1 splash of bickering

On vinyl for the evening:  The Cranberries - "Ode to my Family"
                                          George Harrison - "If Not for You"
                                          Spin Doctors - "Two Princes"
                                          J-Kwon - "Tipsy"

Check us Behind the Scenes.

*Norman Rockwell "Freedom from Want," image courtesy of Google.


  1. Can I be invited to the next party? I can sing "Tipsy"...you won't even need an iPod.