09 February 2010

Barack's Crew vs Weatherproof

So if you haven't heard about the controversy Weatherproof has faced in the early new year, read along.  As stated on NYTimes.com on the 6th of January, "Weatherproof Garment Company installed a billboard in Times Square on Wednesday showing President Obama wearing what appears to be one of its coats. The image, which is licensed by The Associated Press, was taken during the president’s visit to the Great Wall of China last November. Weatherproof also put the image on its Web site home page for a time on Wednesday, promoting “The Obama Jacket.”"                                                             
Problem?  Weatherproof was not given the endorsement rights to display our studly 44th President over the intersection of 41st Street and 7th Avenue.  Strolling through Midtown recently, I noticed the new billboard that was created in response to the Obama/Weatherproof dispute.  Very clever, but next time, I say just make one of your interns fly down to D.C. and swing by 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and have that man sign the damn release.  Take a look at some quick snaps of the new and old billboards taken with my mobile phone.  You can also read the rest of the story here.
Taken on 14 January 2010 - "Leader in Style" Ad
Taken on 09 February 2010 - "Fit For a President" Ad

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