25 March 2010

Glass Ceiling - Philadelphia


Sick of these women yet?  Nearing what is to be almost four years since we graduated from our east coast universities, we channeled our inner-male alter egos and embraced our quarter lives.  Slowly (but surely) beginning our career paths and young professional lifestyles as women in a "man's world," we continue to break through the glass ceiling.

Peek below at these charming (wo)men: Behind the Scenes

Cheers, ladies.  Thanks for the dremories.

21 March 2010

Glass Ceiling Preview - Philadelphia

How to turn a two bedroom apartment into a four hour studio: 
wardrobe... check
Bose stereo... check
nine feet backdrop... check
hair and makeup... check
Heineken... check

Check out the clip below from the latest Glass Ceiling shoot.  Stay tuned for more.

07 March 2010

GUTTERPOP presents G'd Up From The Feet Up! - New York

5 March 2010
Headed to Bushwick's McKibbin Lofts for G'd Up From the Feet Up! with DJs Artemis, Britt Z, Professorpious, Human? and Interim_descriptor.  The rager got shut down a litte earlier than expected, but that's the nature of the beast when throwing loft parties.  Shouts to Shawn Crosby and the Gutterpop Crew.