30 May 2010

SPANK | LIVE - New York

27 May 2010
So I was asked to document SPANK | LIVE at Littlefield in Brooklyn last weekend.  The mighty long bill included: Street Hero, Best Mate feat. Farrad, enSubtitles (One-Half Nelson, Nanya Bidness, & Erickatoure Aviance), Yozmit, Hunt & Gather, Air Kiss on Mars, Xavier, The Swimming Pools, MC Linda Simpson, and an installation by Jeffrey Ralston.  Yeah, I was busy.

After the show, resident DJs Sean B and Will Automagic concluded the music/theatre/performance art/dance/cabaret night with the help of one of my personal favs Dj Nita.

Peep the SPANKblog for more and, if you haven't already, check Sean B and Will's feature in PAPERMAG's Top 20 Beautiful People.


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  1. Hi Lovely!

    Great photos. I would love to know how we could go about getting some of the photos of Hunt & Gather in a more hi resolution.

    Please let me know. And keep on snap'n!

    Matthew LeBaron