04 August 2010

A Block Party After Part•E - Philadelphia

Throwing parties since at least the age of 15 (oh hay Mom & Dad!), it only made sense to throw something after the Mad Decent block party while still on home turf.

Seven girls hosted with one keg, two cases of beer, one bottle of Jack, 150 jello shots, and 6 lbs of vodka-filled gummy bears all night long. Grown-up status, we cut the $5 cup fee and only had one rule for the night -- no stilettos in the baby pool.

It was a big upgrade from last year's "garden party" as we commemorated Geej's 26th. Who said seven working women with college degrees can't re-visit their highschool days and throw a kegger? Be sure to jump below and watch the video recap of the evening.

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