08 August 2010

Mad Decent Block Party 2010 - New York

07 August 2010
Mad Decent took over South Street Seaport last Saturday infiltrating the normal crowd of tourists and mall go-ers at Pier 17. It was a lil' different from the row home-lined Philly edition last weekend, but I suppose "Mad Decent Pier Party" doesn't have the same ring to it. Daddy (of Mad Decent) Diplo, was absent this time around, but the lineup still had the crowd going cray. Closing out the long list of acts was Maluca, who despite the 8pm cut off, hyped the crowd till the very end with bottles of champagne and an a capella performance. No LA and Chi-Town for me, but I will be awaiting the block parties' return in 2011. For more, check out Mad Decent Block Party.


  1. This is actually amazing. I was so excited to find this, seeing as how that's me in the black shirt in the second to last photo. Love it! xoxo

  2. Hi. I love this blog. You photos are outstanding. Keep up the great work. You've got your eye on the prize don't you?