25 October 2010

Hotel Series III: Sagamore Hotel - Miami

The latest addition to the Hotel Series via The Sagamore Hotel in South Beach. A series of two former college roommates who reunite in Miami to begin a seven day trek up north. One flies in from San Pedro Sula, Honduras after wrapping up two and a half years in the Peace Corps. The other, a freelance photographer, flies in on a one way from JFK. This begins their ten state blog-trot from Florida back to DC and NYC. Two, extended to three nights in a two floor bungalow suite - can you say, swagamore? har har.

21 October 2010


Inspired by "trending topics," expect a new feature for The Post-Ups: The Blogtrot. Earlier this month I trekked from Miami back to New York City in a Mazda. Stay tuned for more as I rally up my friends to blogtrot around the world and bring you some visual treats. My journeys can also be followed via my newest bestie, and daddy to trending topics, Sir Twitter at www.twitter.com/thepostups. Please rewind, revisit past blog-trotting cities from this past year: Toronto, Montreal, Paris, Honduras and The Philippines.
Self Portrait: Fauxtographer, Amateur Tweeter, Professional Blogtrotter.
Miami, FL - October 2010

19 October 2010

Sweet 16: Ten Years Too Lat•E - Philadelphia

In honor of Lindsay's 26th birthday and the 1 Year Post-Up Anniversary Launch, we brought back the year 2000. Since my recent overload in post-production, I decided to put my camera down and enjoy myself with some cake, beer, and hot tub fun until 5 in the morning. Only a few photos were taken of the Octoberfest 50 degree Pool Party where we nixed the idea of re-living the totem pole and sipped on some pumpkin ale instead.