14 October 2010

Happy Birthday The Post-Ups

an excerpt from a project in the works Abre tu Mente *make sure to click for FULL SIZE!

One year ago today, I decided to get off my red rolly computer chair and, not only photograph what and who I found interesting, but display them. I created The Post-Ups quite naively at first and soon realized that I had more to show than trendy friends with one foot up against a wall. My brazen raison d'etre, the blog has morphed into a noun, verb, and culture that in many ways provides a range of photobiographies of my friends and, of utmost importance, the evolution of my different hairstyles.

Thank you to everyone in Toronto, Montreal, Paris, Honduras, The Philippines, Miami, Atlanta, Charleston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and of course, New York City for participating, contributing, and promoting us over the year. London, Edinburgh, and Los Angeles, prepare.

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