12 November 2010

Blogtrot: MIA to the ATL

04 October - Total mileage: 661 miles/1063 kilometers
An eleven hour drive from South Beach to Hotlanta came equipped with a cooler full of sandwiches, beef jerky, and Red Bull.  The flat drive up I-95 North on a Monday afternoon was a pretty smooth one.  We blog-trotted through the state of Florida into Georgia while making friends with toll booth tellers and gas station attendees.  I must give props to the people on the Oregon Trail, without a GPS, a smart phone with mobile web, and an iPod, it would have been just as fun as reading a dictionary.  Stay tuned for more from Sweet Ol' Georgia.


  1. i like the dresses on your road trip! - E

  2. i was so grossed out by all those bugs on my car...and guess what 3 car washes later...there still fucking there!I gots to go manual labor and i haven't had the drive to go and scrub my car.

  3. oh btw i can not spell..still getting used to writing in english..my god!