13 November 2010

W Hotel In-House Series: 'Away We Stay'

By way of New York Mag, I came across the premiere of a W Hotel short film series (read the full description here).- maybe it's my overdose on sugar free Red Bull that had me lured in or the desaturated hues of Leicester Square or the fact that I loosely relate to the main character.

Had the urge to share this vid after watching the segment at 04:51 where model Helena Chistensen takes a photo of herself and says, "everyone is responsible for their face. I guess I take pictures of myself to remember who I am, or who I used to be." We're all guilty. Turning the camera around with the Myspace angle, checking your face on the subway platform with your camera phone, taking the reflective mirror shot in your bathroom - no, just me? Either way, enjoy face time by Dolce & Gobbana dude David Gandy and A+ for Helena's pick up game. Forget about the American Express - DSLR Canon? Never leave home without it.

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