22 November 2010

The Post-Ups vs. Four Loko - New York

13 November 2010
Late in the game, we decided to see what this phenomenon called "Four Loko" was all about. CNN described the 23.5-ounce can as the equivalent of five beers mixed with a strong cup of coffee. The 12% alcoholic energy drink consists of caffeine, taurine, Guarana and wormwood (an active ingredient in absinthe). Just in time before the FDA pulled it off the shelves, we rounded up the squad, channeled our inner frat-boy, and rented an apartment in the Lower East Side to celebrate Carlie's entry into her twenty-seventh year. So what's the big deal with this liquid cocaine?. Let's just say, once the can is popped, the rumors are true and the news headlines are real.  Literally a day later, New York banned shipment of Four Loko.  Is life about timing or what?  This post is in honor of the bandwagon we hopped on and a highly edited version of photos that were taken that night.  And take it from The Post-Ups: Four Loko is not to be mixed with Jägermeister.

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  1. lollll.. wheres that funny one of me n O?! <3 thepostups