25 December 2010

5th Annual (Pollyanna) Potluck - Philadelphia

18 December 2010
The annual potluck is a hometown crew tradition we kept for the past five years. Last year, we brought you An Ode to Norman Rockwell while this year's was a bit more organized and timely, not held in February. We've transformed our dinner party ways by a few details including axing the gift giving and developing a menu to prevent hodgepodge cuisine. This year's grub was based on Mediterranean fare and attire was themed to contrast our Black Christmas/Recession Potluck of 2008 with Glam. In addition to homemade hummus, pasta, tiramisu, vegan cupcakes, 15 bottles of wine, and a bottle of Scotch, we continued the already pairing-off of everyone and shot "Couples Holiday Post-Ups." As you can see, nothing's really changed over the years and the singles of the crew are, well, still single. Feliz Navidad everyone, see you next year!

17 December 2010

16 December 2010

Hotel Series IV: City Hotel - London

29 October 2010
After bringing you to Toronto, New York City, and South Beach, the newest installment of the Hotel Series travels to East London. The chosen photos are some of the strongest yet as they suggest and reveal how we prepared for our first day. Before Brick Lane, Vauxhall, Shoreditch, Soho, Holborn, and Covent Garden, this is where it started. Feel free to insert your own dialogue.

15 December 2010

Griffin Sundays - New York

12 December 2010
It's only been four months since the first Griffin Sunday, but it already feels like a tradition. Every week, this upscale lounge is invaded and I have no idea how it's still standing on Monday mornings. But, I guess I don't know how I do it either. Can you guess this week's secret theme? Don't let the loser in the red baseball tee throw you off.

08 December 2010

Blogtrot: South of the Border - The Carolinas

07 October 2010
The last leg of our southern blog-trot consisted of driving from Charleston back north to DC and NYC. We made a mandatory, yes mandatory, stop at the nostalgic post of many family vacations, South of the Border. The rest area lies at the border between Dillon, South Carolina and Rowland, North Carolina. With its mascot, Pedro, the landmark is known for its fireworks and an absolutely inoffensive Mexican motif.

Tweeting along the way, I noticed there aren't many places where you can purchase fireworks, bread, milk, beer in one go so glad we stopped. Before going our separate ways in DC, we met more friends along the way like "JC Muscle" from Petersburg, VA, purchased two packs of cigarettes for $10.27 and dropped about $80.00+ on fireworks. We covered 1,740 miles (2800 km) and 10 states in 7 days. Next stop: Nicarauga, Spring 2011.