25 December 2010

5th Annual (Pollyanna) Potluck - Philadelphia

18 December 2010
The annual potluck is a hometown crew tradition we kept for the past five years. Last year, we brought you An Ode to Norman Rockwell while this year's was a bit more organized and timely, not held in February. We've transformed our dinner party ways by a few details including axing the gift giving and developing a menu to prevent hodgepodge cuisine. This year's grub was based on Mediterranean fare and attire was themed to contrast our Black Christmas/Recession Potluck of 2008 with Glam. In addition to homemade hummus, pasta, tiramisu, vegan cupcakes, 15 bottles of wine, and a bottle of Scotch, we continued the already pairing-off of everyone and shot "Couples Holiday Post-Ups." As you can see, nothing's really changed over the years and the singles of the crew are, well, still single. Feliz Navidad everyone, see you next year!

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