30 December 2011

An Ode to DJ Mehdi

Sometimes your ears fall in love.  The first time I heard French producer DJ Mehdi live was at MoMa's PS1 back in September 2010.  As I dig the 2011 crates this week on the blog I wanted to pay homage
to the great DJ Mehdi who the music scene lost back in September of this year.  I put together some footage of Mehdi alongside fellow producer Riton at a small venue called the Liquid Room in Edinburgh, Scotland. Together under the French electro collective Ed Banger Records, they were Carte Blanche.  Being the music geek that I am, the last time I heard Mehdi on top of the Standard at Le Bain I told him I followed him to Edinburgh, and I quote, said "you are the shit."  Mehdi's energy and skills behind the tables moved the dance floor like no other.  As many of his close friends in the scene have often tweeted and titled their tribute mixes, I say "Mehdi Forever".  Repost en paix.

A few other pics from NYC at Le Bain:

28 December 2011

Boardwalk Empire 1920s Train - New York

Yeah, should've posted these back in September but since I'm recapping 2011 this week on the blog, I figured better late than nevs.  MTA and HBO teamed up to promote the premiere of 'Boardwalk Empire' by running a retro 1920s train on the 2 and 3 tracks from 96th to 42nd street during the weekends of September.  The promotional vintage train was filled with Prohibition inspired artwork to commemorate the HBO series.  Details included ceiling fans, drop sash passenger windows, exposed light bulbs and 1920s advertisements. 

23 December 2011

An Ode to Summer

Knee deep in the holiday season and the passing of the winter solstice (60 degrees in December, what?), thought it would be appropriate to recap summers past.  Here's to humid nights, blonde hair, the beach, the park, the highline, summer flings, cookouts, fireworks, planking, road trips, obnoxious cab rides, cutoff shorts, daytime dancing, al fresco seating, hot tub raging and rooftop smokes.  It was a good one, maybe even a great one.