25 February 2011

Welcome to the Jungle - Philadelphia

The latest brings the Post-Ups back to basics with the simplicity of "I throw party. I take photo. You party. You post-up. Everybody happy".  This features a new monthly tradition developed by a group of friends, who reunite in one city and find any and every reason to celebrate.

February's edition started off with a quiet birthday dinner which evolved into a night of bouncing around the concrete jungle of Philadelphia, using yet another excuse to wear our spirit hoods.   Stay tuned for March's edition where we reunite in D.C.


19 February 2011

Bill Cunningham New York Documentary

Scott Schuman, I had previously mentioned has brought street style photo blogging to another level with The Sartorialist.  Bill Cunningham on the other hand is the pioneer to capturing street style.  Below is the trailer for Zeitgeist documentary about 80 year old New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham.  It's being aired in NYC from March 16-29, two weeks only!  Who's coming? 

"Cunningham is a New York original, a man who has joyously transformed fashion into urban anthropology."  More info about the film here.  Yeah, he's pretty bad ass.

16 February 2011


A huge apology for being on a bit of a hiatus lately.  With the holidays, relocating to Harlem and catching up on post-production from gigs - it's been a bit crazy.  Nevertheless we'll be back much sooner than later.  For now, enjoy this last minute video I put together for a contest with CIEE.  The winner is chosen to travel over 35 countries in 2 months, capturing people's stories who are studying and working abroad during Summer 2011.  Wish me luck!

*edited 2011/02/24
Didn't make it as a finalist but wanted to thank everyone for their support and positive feedback, it really meant a lot.  A link to the top 15 out of the 350 applicants is here. You win some, you lose some, and it won't stop me from heading to my next destination: Nicarauga, April 2011.  Stay tuned!