23 September 2011

Little Manhattan by Yutaka Sone - New York

 The current exhibition "Yutaka Sone: ISLAND" at the David Zwirner gallery is a sight to see, specifically the two-and-a-half-ton marble sculpture Little Manhattan (2007-2009).  Japanese artist Sone who is originally a trained arhchitect, recreates an intricately carved model of the island of Manhattan to scale.  He bases his model off of reproductions of photographs, Google Earth images and several helicopter rides over the cityscape.  The 3D replica of Manhattan has accurate reproduction of all avenues, blocks, skyscrapers, bridges and even paths within Central Park.  The natural coloring of the marble helps to create depth and shadowing of the city grid.  One can't help but stare at the craftsmanship and precise carvings displayed in the marble.   Go see it for yourself, the exhibition runs from September 20-October 29 at David Zwirner (525 West 19th Street). If I were to describe Little Manhattan in two words, that'd be easy...
simply marble-ous.  (Yes, pun intended).

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