20 April 2012

Unsound Festival New York 2012

UK duo Hype Williams at Unsound Festival NY 2012, Le Poisson Rouge.
Thursday 19 April 2012

12 April 2012

Blogtrot: ¡Vamos Honduras! - Youth + Community

My trip to Honduras wasn't to sight see or be a tourist but to live amongst the community.  Asides from helping paint a mural other activities included attending an inauguration of potable water and basic sanitation at a neighboring/remote town called Poza Grande, a women's futbol game, and visiting the local elementary school of Namasigue.  See more in the series of images below.

 Riding through the rocky terrain, crossing small rivers and dirt roads we reached Poza Grande, a remote town who for the first time in 2010 had a complete water system installed that included pipes and flushable toilets for each household.  Children of Namasigue performed a skit to promote clean water and to avoid pollution with a little production called 'Gritos - ¡cero basura!".  The daughter of the Honduran Presient, representatives of Banco de Centro America and the EU, the mayor and councilmen were all in attendance.  It was a humbling experience to see the excitement of the town who received basic sanitation for the first time, something as an American can be taken for granted.

A dentist volunteered her time at the elementary school of Namasigue to educate children on the importance of clean teeth.  


Sunday afternoons were set aside for the women's futbol games, a league that my friend Emilie had started, which was great progress for women in the community to differentiate themselves from a machismo society.

10 April 2012

Kaviar and Cigarettes Launch

Excited to announce that the new Kaviar and Cigarettes website has launched.  Posted some behind the scenes a few weeks ago and now the site is live and running.  Browse, shop and check out www.kaviarandcigarettes.com for the full campaign and product shots I photographed.  More to come next month!

08 April 2012

Bunny Hop - Las Vegas

Back to basics: The Post-Ups, Vegas Edition.
... Happy Easter/Passover weekend!

03 April 2012

Blogtrot: ¡Vamos Honduras! - Muralista 'Abre Tu Mente, El Cambio Eres Tu'

As part of my seven day treck in Honduras mentioned in the previous post, one of the main reasons for my trip was to create a public mural in a park centrally located in Namasigue, Choluteca.  I arrived towards the beginning of production which as any other form of public art was intended to beautify the surroundings and also send a positive message.  Located across the street from the town school, the title and theme of the piece was 'Abre Tu Mente, El Cambio Eres Tu' which is translated in English to 'Open Your Mind, The Change Is You'.

Working alongside artists who volunteer in a collective called 'Tukul Cultura' (Imagine Culture), these locals painted and volunteered their time and labor for free, while working with Canadian NGO Plan International.  The municipality of Namasigue provided materials and provided a small stipend for lunch.  The park mural in Namasigue was one of many public pieces that have been created around Choluteca as visual art for social change.  Honduran filmmakers have also created a documentary about them.  It was a great experience to be a part of this project.  As I was only there for a week, I never got to see the finished product but you can view some of the final images here.