03 April 2012

Blogtrot: ¡Vamos Honduras! - Landscapes, etc.

Back in 2010, I had mentioned in the video above, my seven day blogtrot to Honduras with a "coming soon" tagline, but never got around to actually posting (oops). My former college roommate, friend and fellow Mexican food fanatic Emilie, was influencing the lives of those living in Namasigue, Honduras, spending two years after university in the Peace Corps.  In July of 2010, I flew from NYC to Tegucigalpa and jumped on a two hour bus south to Namasigue, Choluteca to experience her lifestyle amongst the community and help paint a town mural. In January (2012), Emilie, who is now also living in NYC, broke the news that the violence in the country had forced the Peace Corps to pull out of Honduras entirely, now gaining the unfortunate title "Murder Capital of the World." It was shocking to hear the news since I knew how much effort and passion Emilie and other Peace Corps volunteers had to make changes for their towns. To contrast the negative publicity Honduras has recently faced, I wanted to finally share my photos to exemplify the quaint and beauty of the country and those living there.  This will be first of many posts about my first trip to Central America, landscapes, etc.

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