04 May 2012

Blogtrot: San Francisco - An Ode to Bourdain

Leaving the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island far behind, our recent venture to the Bay framed around silver fox daddy Anthony Bourdain and his episode of 'The Layover'.  We wanted to go for something "touristy and cheesy" because if its good enough for Bourdain, its good enough for us.  We only made it to about five of the spots Tony visits in the 30 minute episode of the Travel Channel show though.

Swan Oyster Depot in Nob Hill, Bourdain described as one of his "favorite spots to eat in America."  Started off with a pint of Anchor Steam, a cup of clam chowder, a selection of oysters and, of course, ended with crab fat mixed with crab roe and "mopped that sh*t up with fresh sourdough bread."  The family business had amazing service and one of the six brothers even gave us an inside scoop on Bourdain.  Relayed a story of Tony's first filming at the restaurant many years ago, where he arrived at 7am drinking Heineken's and smoking Marlboro's.  It's exactly what we wanted to hear.

Another must see stop was the "special, magical place," called The Tonga Room, a genuinely fabulous tiki bar turned restaurant at the cellar of the Fairmont Hotel.  Sat amongst the indoor rain shower and proudly drowned ourselves in coconut and maraschino cherry juice sipping on the Bora Bora horror, the Singapore Sling, lava bowl for four, and other girly drinks with umbrellas and slice fruit.  In any other occasion, this tacky tourist trap would be considered hell for us, but once again, if its good enough for Bourdain, its definitely good enough for us.

Cramming in as much as we could on our short trip, we continued to take Bourdain's advice of San Francisco as being one of the best drinking towns and sipped on the lethal Mai Tais and Buddha Beer at Chinatown's Li Po. 

Lastly headed to the Mission's Delores Park and ate "a regional, indigenous, pre-hispanic Mexican taco" from Chaac-Mool. 

Eating the same food, gracing the same leather stools and getting drunk off Bourdain's liquor list wasn't enough... we'll be catching the chef, author and Travel Channel host in person! Next stop: An Evening with Anthony Bourdain on June 9 at Bam Howard Gilman Opera House.  See you in Brooklyn!  As for now, enjoy the episode of 'The Layover: San Francisco' in three parts via youtube below.

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