06 August 2012

Hotel Series VI: The Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas, NV

Grab your crew, your best Vanna sequins dress and go ahead and blow money fast on that Vegas suite.
Because.. well, why not?

01 August 2012

Blogtrot: An Ode to London

 With the 2012 summer Olympics well under way, I decided to pull from the 2010 crates and dedicate a post to London Town.  London could possibly be labeled a second home to the other half of The Post-Ups, being a resident for a few years past which allowed for a less sightsee-y and touristy visit.  Being my second time across the pond I skipped out on Trafalgar Square and other tourist traps and focused more on London nightlife, shopping and food.  Be sure to also check out previous posts of the Lloyd's Building (BW) and Hotel Series IV