02 June 2012

Five Boro Bike Tour - New York

The TD Five Boro Bike Tour (produced by Bike New York and the NYC Department of Transportation) is held every first Sunday of May allowing participants to bike through all five boroughs of NYC.  With roads and bridges blocked off, the tour begins in the Financial District, heads north on 6th Avenue through Central Park and Harlem, over the Madison Ave Bridge into the Bronx, back into Manhattan as riders head South on FDR/East River Drive, over the Queensboro Bridge and into Queens.  After a mandatory dismount you are able to grab a snack, take some photos and continue over the Pulaski Bridge along with a long stretch on the BQE.  The final peak is a ride on the lower deck of the Verrazano Bridge, ending in Staten Island.  With up to 32,000 cyclists participating, bottle necking does occur but fortunately gives your legs a little break.  It's a a fun four hour ride and great opportunity to see the entire the city.  Grab some padded shorts, a fun crew and be prepared to wait hours for the ferry back to Manhattan.  The finish line is sort of a disappointment, however, it's nothing a few celebratory beers won't cure.  The next tour is next for May 5, 2013.  See Bike New York for more info.
 Here is a map of the route.  I also attempted to use Android app My Tracks to calculate my ride, unfortunately my phone died in Brooklyn.  Still fun, you can see my tracks here.
Starting line in the Financial District.
Ride through Central Park.
Heading into the Bronx via the Madison Avenue Bridge.
After East River Drive, pedaled over the Queensboro Bridge into Queens 
Post-Queensboro ride gave great views of Manhattan.
Dismount in Astoria Park.
Final stretch over the Verrazano Bridge into Staten Island.
Dismount in Staten Island, post-Verrazano.
Celebratory jump in Staten Island.
Final dismount before ferry back to Manhattan (grueling wait).
40 miles done.
**More detailed photos**
Manhattan: Financial Disctrict, Central Park, Harlem.

The Bronx:

East River Drive:

Queens: Queensboro Bridge, Astoria Park.


Last Stop: Verrazano Bridge, Staten Island.

40 miles, donezo!

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