12 September 2012

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week S/S 2013 - New York

Going down to Lincoln Center this year I went in with a plan; to shoot strictly full body and head shots.  As I threw myself in the middle of the fashion hustle and bustle I instantly remembered why I love shooting on the go.  My original plan flew right out of my head as I snapped away at whatever passed me by.  The passing subjects quickly traveling from point A to B; the fringe waving, the clicking heels, the switching of long patterned pant legs from left to right, its what intrigued me most.  If I wasn't quick enough to snap the subject it'd be gone. My fixed 50 mm prohibited me from snapping a head to toe of Paris Hilton, I accepted it, and kept it moving to go and find the next chicster rocking the Kermit shirt and the feathered skirt.  The thrill of running around trying to find the best subject humored me, even to the point where I overhead someone say "Well, this chick is just go gunning everyone here, isn't she?".  Yes, yes I was.   If security let me bring my bicycle into the courtyard I would've just strapped my camera around my neck and followed the subjects around by wheel.  Shooting all of these subjects under 45 minutes made me remember why I love the spontaneity of documenting subjects on the streets.  

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