27 October 2012

Oktoberfest 2012 - Bear Mountain State Park, NY

So what? You can't afford a round trip to Munich and the beer gardens in the city aren't doing you justice?  Yeah, us either.  Bear Mountain Oktoberfest is just north of the city and allows for another fun filled getaway from the concrete jungle.  There are options to transport by bus or car but we chose the much more fun option, the booze cruise.  Leaving at 9am from 42nd street, the cruise line is a two hour ride up the Hudson River and allows for some early morning drinking to prep you for the three hour stay at Oktoberfest.  Weekends are from September 15-October 27, entry is free and the park includes German foods, live music, crafts and of course beer.

25 October 2012

Blogtrot: California Coast - Pacific Coast Highway

Why not jump out of a plane and land in a red Mustang convertible?  California Coast Blogtrot, a week long trip on the left coast with stops in: San Diego, Jamul, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu and Cambria via the Pacific Coast Highway, ultimately ending up in San Francisco.   A photo diary filled with lots of peace signs and waving flags.  Jump to each leg of the trip below.

San Diego, Los Angeles

Jamul Skydive

Hollywood Hike, Griffith Park

Santa Monica, Malibu, Cambria, Pacific Coast Highway

San Francisco, Baker Beach

24 October 2012

04 October 2012

Hotel Series VII - New Rochelle, NY

When you have an out of town wedding, the best part (besides of course celebrating the love and union of two people!) is the hotel after party.  The latest was shot in New Rochelle, NY.; hitting up the hotel bar, bouncing from room to room, and the thrill of getting away - even if its only for one night.