03 October 2012

Breakneck Ridge Hike - Hudson Highlands, NY

Moving forward, I want to continue to cover more than nightlife and happenings in NYC but will aim to focus also on quick day/weekend getaways in the surrounding metro.  Where previous posts include Rockaway Beach and a weekend trip to New England, I bring the latest from a trip back in April 2012 to Breakneck Ridge.  Breakneck Ridge lies between Beacon and Cold Spring, NY.  Deep in the Hudson Highlands State Park Mountain Range, it is accessible via the Metro North line to Cold Spring, however we took a car north along the Hudson River via route 9D.

Inspired initially by the Fjällräven Outdoor Club video below, I took a (fun) risk by collecting some outdoorsy friends ranging from London, Philly, and Brooklyn residents hailing originally from D.C. and Sweden.  Either on vacation or semester break from grad school or teaching, we jokingly entitled our day trip to "Spring Break(neck) Ridge, wooo!"  Ha.  Taking a bunch of city folk to climb a mountain together (some who just met for the first time), was a fun experience considering I've only ever hiked one volcano previous to that.  Expecting an easy dirt trail we were all surprised to encounter a steep incline and rocky climb to start off the mountain.  Teamwork, Fjällräven backpacks and our humoring sidekick Boo allowed for a fulfilling day to the top and back. Fjällräven Outdoor Club: Breakneck Ridge from Fjällräven on Vimeo.

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