30 December 2012

The Post-Ups: Kaviar & Cigarettes 'Gimme Danger' Campaign Outtakes

As 2012 comes to a close, I thought I'd feature some outtakes of the Kaviar and Cigarettes 'Gimme More' Spring Campaign I shot earlier this year as the images have since been taken down from their site.  Keep up with their latest products and check out their site Kaviar and Cigarettes.

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25 December 2012

Have Yourself a Mayan Little Christmas.

Sorry to those who were unfortunate to receive one in the mail...

Hopefully the world ends before we get to make another one.

Love, Zachary & Cielito

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21 December 2012

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows 2012 "BG Follies" - New York

New York City is well known for iconic window displays, Bergdorf Goodman, being one of them.  Decided to head down to 58th Street and Fifth Avenue before sunrise to avoid the hustle and bustle of pedestrians walking by to document this years art deco style, Jazz-Age themed, 'BG Follies'.   Also check out this great post on The Coverteur of the Behind the Scenes production of the BG team.

ACT I: "By Request" - A mockery of 1959's Some Like It Hot, with help of designers among the likes of Marc Jacobs, 3.i Philip Lim and Elie Saab.

ACT II: "Naughty & Nice"- A tribute to Sally Rand's Fan Dance, with a mosaic of feathers, peacocks and Marcesa.

ACT III: "A Cast of Thousands"- Showgirl mannequins dressed in Lorena Sarbu, Joie, Oscar De La Renta, Kentshire and vintage jewelry.

 ACT IV: "Dare Devils"- Alexander McQueen provides the attire for this Jazz Age Circus trainer surrounded by over twenty poodles.

 ACT V - A crystal looking rotating kaleidoscope shines its reflection on two Naeem Khan embellished gowns.

ACT VI: - A magician dressed in Naeem Khan with her assistant in a Ralph Lauren mens tuxedo.

 ACT VII - Prabal Gurung wearing seal trainer decked in vintage jewelry.

 ACT VIII - The final act of Jazz-Aged dancers wearing Naeem Khan and Tom Ford.