06 May 2014

A Portrait Of My Father

Anacleto "Lito" R. Vivas
13 July 1947- 06 May 2013

May 06, 2013, we lost a great man.  A year has passed and I don't miss him any less, but of course why would I?  When you lose someone you learn to be thankful to have had that person who makes saying "goodbye" so hard.  

The photo above I took over the holidays in 2009.  I brought home my white seamless backdrop and without any direction, Dad jumped in front and didn't hesitate to strike a pose.  He was a natural.  That's the thing about him, he was just too cool.  He knew that smiling was out before anyone knew it was in.  My Dad taught me about good music, how to dress well and gave me the bug for arts and culture.  At an early age I can remember my father shooting with his Minolta 35mm.  One of my favorite childhood memories was dropping off stacks of film after family vacations.  When the digital age came around the student became the teacher and I helped him buy his DSLR Nikon D60.  Not only am I thankful for acquiring his humor (not to mention, dashing good looks.. JK!), but I owe him for my work ethic and the need to have fun.  He could light up the room with the excitement in his voice.  I miss his jokes (and cooking) the most.