19 December 2014

Series Finale - Harlem, New York City.

Well, it's a wrap.  Four years later, we're calling it quits.  'Series Finale' brings an end to Harlem 7D and to seal the deal, the return of the photobooth.  Grew up a little bit since one of my first parties in 2008, Felix da Houseparty which included a coat rack, blanket and a flood light.  Stepped it up a little and even had a live tethered photobooth.  (If you notice everyone looking to their left in photos, its because they're vain and couldn't stop staring at themselves on the computer screen :P )  Thanks for everyone for coming out and those that hammed it up in the upgraded photobooth.  Farewell Harlem, thanks for bringing us (me) the best and hardest four years of my life.  #NEVERFORGET 

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